Tuesdays with Dorie BWJ: Espresso Profiteroles

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espresso profiteroles

Choux paste treats have been well-covered here.  Gougères, éclairs, cream puffs and even crullers–wait, something’s missing.  How could I forget profiteroles, one of my most favorite desserts?   I’ll take care of that one now with Norman Love’s Espresso Profiteroles.

Despite my love of profiteroles, I admit that I didn’t have high hopes for these.  Quite frankly, I thought the picture in the book looked terrible (the choux looked bready, not light).  I’m happy to report that they turned out better than expected.  I’m not sure how much flavor was really contributed by adding coffee to the choux puffs themselves, but they puffed and hollowed nicely.  I used espresso ice cream (instead of cinnamon) and boozed up the chocolate sauce with Kahlua (instead of Grand Marnier), so that took care of the missing coffee flavors.

These are best cut and filled right before serving, when the puffs are crisp and the ice cream is just beginning to soften.  Pre-scooped and frozen is a profiterole no-no for me.  And the sauce should be warm.  Mmmmm…sauce…

espresso profiteroles

We’re going without hosts now for TWD, so for the recipe, see Baking with Julia by Dorie Greenspan.  Don’t forget to check out the rest of the TWD Blogroll!


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  1. Goes to show you – If the recipe sounds even maybe good, try it, even if the picture looks awful! I’ve had many happy surprises that way.

  2. They sound delicious! I’ve never made profiteroles, are they difficult?

    • They aren’t hard, but require a bit of technique. Find a recipe online with some step-by-step photos to guide you.

  3. O my gosh!! Im on a strict no sweets diet right now but as soon as Im done… BUT I am totally trying these when Im done 🙂

  4. Nice looking profiteroles! And agree on the need for warm chocolate sauce. I changed the flavours around, naughty me.

  5. A nice looking sandwich-y type profiterole! Warm chocolate sauce was a must to go with the ice cream.

  6. Looks delicious!


  7. Gorgeous photo! My espresso dough did not turn out well. I did try it, and I was surprised the coffee flavor was not more enhanced. Ended up making a plain profiterole dough. Kahlua chocolate sauce sounds delicious!

  8. These look amazing! I’ve never made profiteroles, but my parents are huge fans. They order them any time we’re at a restaurant. I’ll have to make these for them!

  9. These sound fab! Will definitely be trying them out on my Italian friends!! They’re always up for a good coffee based dessert!

  10. Oh my goodness that looks amazing. Love profiteroles.

  11. These sound sinful. I just love choux pastry. I will be trying this soon with a little creme anglaise. Thank you for the wonderful recipe.

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