Tuesdays with Dorie BWJ: Double Chocolate Cookies

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double chocolate cookies

Rick Katz’s Double Chocolate Cookies came along at just the right time…I have been majorly craving chocolate lately.  I’ve hardly touched the stuff in the last six months, and that’s just plain unnatural!

I knew exactly what these cookies would be like.  I’ve worked in two places where we made cookies very similar to this, method and everything (just in way bigger batches).  In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if my two former chefs started with this recipe originally.  These are rich– a dark chocolate batter with extra chocolate bits mixed in (preferably a high percentage bittersweet)– and exactly the fix I was looking for.  The recipe intro calls them something like “half cookie, half brownie,” and that about sums it up.  You have to whip the heck out of the eggs and sugar when you make these, so they get that awesome brownie-like crackle shell, but they’re really soft inside.  As soon as they cool from baking, they’re pretty gooey.  But give them the better part of a day, or even overnight, and they become chewy.  So good.

For the recipe, see Baking with Julia by Dorie Greenspan (it’s also all over the Interwebs) Don’t forget to check out the rest of the TWD Blogroll!


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  1. yummy

  2. Wow! Thank you for sharing this recipe, my mouth is watering by how good this looks!!!!

  3. Love these!! They look amazing!

  4. These cookies were heavenly: perfect texture, great taste!
    I’ve added sliced hazelnuts and dried apricots as they were not rich enough (LOL!!)

  5. Definitely winners!! Glad they were for you, too!

  6. I am kicking myself that I didn’t make these 🙂

  7. I agree. These were really good!

  8. So good indeed!! Everyone loved them at work.

  9. yes. yes. and yes! As a chocoholic. I definitely need these in my life. They will be made soon.

  10. They were a hit with us as well. Your picture shows the chocolatey goodness beautifully.

  11. These were good – and the description definitely summed them up. 🙂
    Glad you liked them.

  12. lol I wish I liked to bake…I bake in packages that look like our grocery store

  13. Agreed. They are keepers.

  14. Yep, there are several versions out there. Even so, these were amazing. Love your photo =)

  15. Your cookies look perfect!

  16. If you need a chocolate hit, these would DEFINITELY hit the spot!

  17. These were a hit with the chocolate lovers in my house! The texture was great on these – nice picture!

  18. What is better than chocolate cookies? …. double chocolate cookies!

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