Tuesdays with Dorie BWJ: Savory Wheat Crackers

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savory wheat crackers Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid’s Savory Wheat Crackers were a nice little snack to munch on with a chilled glass of wine this past (very fine) weekend.  I’ve made crackers before…here, for instance.  Also, in the restaurants I’ve worked in, pastry always had to make the crackers to go with the cheese plates.  Rolling cracker dough out with a pasta machine (or a sheeter like we had at my first job) is my pro tip from those days.  It gets them super thin, although you have to use a fair amount of flour to not shred the dough in the roller.  I took these to the second thinnest setting in my machine and then topped my crisps with nigella seeds, ground coriander and fleur de sel. This whole wheat cracker dough is super basic….no leavening necessary.  It comes together with a whiz in the food processor, although my dough was a little sticky, so I added some supplemental AP flour to make it behave. The recipe makes a lot of dough…even the half recipe I made yielded tray after tray of crackers!  They have to be rolled, cut and baked in batches.  It was like a Nabisco factory in my kitchen on Sunday.  Actually, I forgot to cut two of the trays before I put them in the oven– I just broke those into big shards after they were cool.  Real Nabisco would so fire me.  You need a ripping hot oven for these and will likely have to tack on a few minutes to the stated baking time. My crackers took 6-7 minutes to bake through, rather than the three minutes in the recipe.  One minute too many, though, and the crackers will be charcoal (and yes, I did torch a tray myself)! I made a little spread out of famer’s cheese and flowering chives to snack on with these crackers.  I have lots more to eat up, so I’ll have to think up some other ideas.  For the cracker recipe, see Baking with Julia by Dorie Greenspan.  Don’t forget to check out the rest of the TWD Blogroll


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  1. Looks great!

  2. Brilliant recipe…that too from wheat…

  3. These are really beautiful crackers….all lofty and crispy looking. Very pretty shot of absolute “crunch”.

  4. Stunning picture!

  5. These look terrific and like they would go great with anything!

  6. Rolling the dough in the pasta machine was the fun part for me and I did not mind the cracker manufacturing one bit 🙂 Love the Nabsico comment! Your crackers look great!

  7. This looks amazing

  8. Oh wow – those are lovely.

    I rolled mine in the pasta roller, but I only went to setting 3 – I wish I had taken these a little thinner. (I cut the recipe back to 1/3 and still had a lot of crackers)

  9. half a recipe was more than enough for me! you are right about the baking time, i am guessing they used a commercial deck oven to bake them-they get so hot that it would only take 2-3 minutes in an oven like that. i was too lazy to drag out the pasta machine, hand rolling went pretty quickly for me.

  10. The crackers look good and I bet the coriander, fleur de sel and nigella topping must have tasted wonderful. They are very easy to make and the whole wheat wins additional brownie points.

  11. Your photography is amazing! I have never made crackers at home, these look simple and healthier then the processed ready-made stuff we are all used to buying 🙂

  12. Those crackers look like you achieved the perfect texture and color – awesome! Mine also took quite a bit longer to cook through and it did seem they went from not quite done to totally burnt..oh well

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