Tuesdays with Dorie BWJ: Crème Bruléed Chocolate Bundt

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crème bruléed chocolate bundt

This Crème Bruléed Chocolate Bundt is the first, no second, no make that third Mary Bergin chiffon cake we’ve made.  I’ve liked them all…I think I just really like the spongy, fluffy softness of chiffon cakes.  And it also helps here that I love chocolate and Bundts.  And crème brulée, too…who am I kidding?  I knew this would be good.

If you watch the video of the BWJ episode, you’ll see that this chocolate chiffon Bundt gets its center stuffed with raspberries and then a big glug of vanilla crème brulée custard is poured over top of the whole shebang and torched.  I figured that as soon as the brulée was poured on, the cake pretty much needed to be eaten up…This would be very dramatic and impressive for a crowd, but since I was just making it for two of us, I had to both reduce the recipe and settle for adding the custard to order.  I made a half recipe of the cake (in my 6-cup Bundt pan) and a half recipe of the brulée cream, too.  I was convinced, even though I’d sprayed the heck out of my Bundt pan and coated it well in cocoa (which I prefer to use instead of flour for a dark chocolate cake), that the cake would stick like crazy and rip when I tried to unmold it.  It didn’t!  I made sure to kind of gently nudge it from the sides with a little offset as it started to cool and shrink in a bit, and it released perfectly– phew!

I used my darkest cocoa powder (Valrhona) and my Bundt had great flavor.  The chiffon was easy to make, too…in fact, I did the whole thing in my bathrobe (TMI??).  I’d happily make it again on its own, just to have with ice cream or whipped cream.  I liked the stovetop water bath method for thickening the crème brulée…that was new to me, and it came out nicely.  After the better part of a day in the fridge, the brulée had thickened up well and I was able to pour it over a single slice without it looking a mess.  All in all a winning dessert for Valentine’s Day weekend.

crème bruléed chocolate bundt

For the recipe, see Baking with Julia by Dorie Greenspan (it’s also here, along with a video). Don’t forget to check out the rest of the TWD Blogroll!  (Update:  I see from the blogroll that some folks wound up with a thinner custard, in which case I’d just serve it as an anglaise sauce on the plate.)


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  1. I love desserts! This is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

  2. This looks so good! If I could eat chocolate, I would be begging to try some!

  3. Looks delicious! I am planning to sit this one out because we have had too much cake and goodies around the house lately, but you are definitely tempting me to change my mind!!

  4. sembra delizioso!!!! 🙂

  5. Wow this looks incredible! Definitely going to make this 🙂

  6. That looks delicious! Nice combination of creme brulé and chocolate, great idea!

  7. Whoa that custard on top??? Heavenly!!


  8. I love both of these things too! Such a perfect combo!

  9. Now your custard turned out the way I expected mine to! Mine never thickened as much so it was hard to get that creme bruleed look on top that I was looking for…yours looks fantastic!!

  10. Gorgeous photography! Looks lush!

  11. the cocoa powder is the star here-I used Valrhona too! For my cake, I skipped the berries and the brulee and just went with a drunken caramel sauce.

  12. Gorgeous!! I was tempted to make this one, but ran out of steam 🙂 You’ve convinced me this one is worth baking!

  13. That custard shot is just making me crave a slice or two of this cake.

  14. Impressive. Your creme brulee sauce turned out way thicker than mine. Yum!

  15. As always, gorgeous pictures! This did turn out surprisingly well.

  16. This looks amazing! Nice photos, too!

  17. I’m so glad I read your post. I’ve been putting off making this because it will likely be just the two of us, and now I know what to do. Now I’m looking forward to trying it, hopefully soon!

  18. Looks so good makes me want a bundt even more.

  19. That looks really awesome!

  20. delious

  21. Oh my… this looks so yummy!!! I love the combination =D

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