Tuesdays with Dorie BCM: Apricot-Raspberry Tart

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apricot-raspberry tart

A full-on fruit tart is never one of my go-to desserts.  I don’t know why, since I’m big on the combo of fruit and crust…I can certainly get behind a good slice of pie or a big scoop of crisp.  But I just don’t really think of fruit tarts.  It takes the peer pressure of organized group baking to get me to make one, like this Apricot-Raspberry Tart, and remember how spectacular they can be.

This tart is really all about the apricots.  Luckily, they’re in season now where I live, and at the farmers’ market I found baskets of the tiniest blushing apricots.  Even though I made a small tart using a half batch of sweet dough, I was able to stuff it full of the little guys.  At the bottom of the tart shell. a layer of cake or brioche crumbs (or even ladyfingers) acts as a sponge to absorb any juices from the baked fruit.  At the restaurant where I work, cakes for specials orders are usually baked off as sheets that are then punched out and assembled in ring molds.  That means there’s always some cake off-cut or trim in the walk-in that’s up for grabs.  I took home an square of hazelnut cake last week with this this tart in mind.  My apricots and raspberries held shape pretty well and didn’t release too much juice, but I liked the added flavor that the hazelnut cake crumbs gave.  Having used it, I garnished my tart with some candied hazelnuts instead of the pistachios Dorie suggests.

apricot-raspberry tart

Really, this tart was so pretty I hesitated to cut it!  It’s a fine treat to celebrate Bastille Day today.  Even though it may be best eaten up the day of baking, we had a couple of slices left over and I don’t think they suffered too much from a night in the fridge.  For the recipe, see Baking Chez Moi by Dorie Greenspan. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the TWD Blogroll!


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  1. looks incredible! please visit my blog ❤ ❤ ❤ http://enjoybypaula.wordpress.com

  2. I clicked on two leads from your email and it took me first to amazon to buy the cook book then it took me to a picture of this tart along with others, no where does it show or give me link to actual recipe??

  3. Your tart looks amazing! I just want to pick off some of the candied hazelnuts and snack on them.

  4. It almost looks too pretty to eat!!!

  5. Looks like the perfect summer dessert!!! I’ve got to try this asap!

  6. Your tart is so pretty! The pictures look like they are from a magazine!! I am with you…a full on fruit tart is not my go to dessert but this one was a very pretty one to make…and it seemed the people who tasted mine that really liked apricots, loved it!

  7. Beautiful personified!

  8. Candied hazelnuts and hazelnut cake crumbs sound like an amazing addition! Love the photos!

  9. The hazelnut-fruit combination sounds lovely.

  10. Gah those apricots are seriously stunning! What a beautiful tart.


  11. Wow! Looks so damn delicious! You have great talent:)

  12. This looks too good!!!

    Katie xoxo

  13. looks divine! 🙂
    kisses from the Philippines! ❤

  14. *almost* too pretty to eat. But not quite 😉 Yours is lovely!

  15. Love that you had access to cake extras from work – what a perk 🙂 And with those lovely results I can understand your hesitation to cut into that work of art. Beautiful tart ! Nana and I each ended up making square tarts and now I am coveting all the overflowing round ones LOL. I agree about the time in the fridge not doing too much damage though of course the first warm slice is always the best ~

    • I totally agree on the round tart pans, Tricia. I definitely need to pick one up now.

  16. Your tart looks absolutely divine!! And so delicious too!

  17. Your tart turned out beautiful. I feel the same way I don’t think to make a tart on my own but I will now. I love this group!

  18. How did you candy your hazelnuts? I had some on a dessert recently and thought it was the only way I could eat them (I generally prefer finely ground or slivered nuts). I’ve been looking for techniques, but they seem to require caramelizing them, but the ones I had didn’t seem to be candied so heavily.

    • Hi Nicole. I did them in the oven, tossed with simple syrup…325 or 350 is a good temp for this. I wanted large pieces on my tart, so I sort of split the hazelnuts in half one by one with the tip of a pairing knife. I pre-toasted them on a lined sheet pan a bit (not too dark), then moved them all to a mound in the middle of the pan, drizzled on a little simple syrup and gave them a toss to coat. You just need enough syrup to coat them…if you have them sitting in a pool of it, they’ll get soggy centers. Then I redistributed the nuts evenly around the pan and put them back in the oven, probably for about 10 minutes.

      • That is a great suggestion. I will try it. Thanks!

  19. That tart is perfect, you did a wonderful job on it with such lovely photos.

  20. Your tart looks beautiful! Would love to try it with fresh apricots one of these days!

  21. That photo is exquisite. I hope it was equally delicious.

  22. Your tart looks beautiful! I am a big fan of fruit tarts. I think the hazelnut cake crumbs would have added a lovely flavour as well as the practical aspect of soaking up the juice.

  23. Amazing for all the summer farmers market purchases. Fruit + crust = perfect summer afternoon dessert!

  24. Beautiful tart!
    I may make this one again, such a great way to show off Summer fruit 😉

  25. This looks to pretty to eat!

  26. looks so delicious!

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