Tuesdays with Dorie DC: “Corked” Breton Galettes

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"corked" breton galettes

These “Corked” Breton Galettes are like the French version of thumbprint cookies. They’re made just like shortbread slice and bakes…you put a nice fat slice into the cavities of a greased muffin tin, so they bake uniformly round. I suppose because they are on the thick side, they bake up with a very pleasing chew to them. If you’re wondering what’s with the “corked” thing, it’s because right out of the oven you press a wine cork into the center of each cookie, making a little divot to hold a spoonful of jam. I have like a dozen open jars of jam in the fridge, some homemade, others shop-bought. I like recipes that help me go through them. Here, I took out two homemade ones– sour cherry and black plum.

Oh mon Dieu, these are delicious! The traditional cookies use salted butter from Brittany, which I was able to do here because I always keep a nice salty (usually French) butter in the fridge for toast. Dorie does give unsalted butter instructions, though, amped up with extra fleur de sel because you are supposed to really notice it here. If you dig a salty-sweet combo like I do, then you should certainly give these a try…slightly classier than potato chips and ice cream…not that I don’t eat that, too…

"corked" breton galettes

For the recipe, see Dorie’s Cookies by Dorie Greenspan. It’s also here. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the TWD Blogroll. 


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  1. These seem to be a hit with everyone. I liked that they were easy to make.

  2. I really enjoyed the salty sweet combo. I think next time I might have to find some of the real butter to use with these.

  3. Ohhhh my, those look good as I wait for my Choux to come out of the oven as I make orange chocolate eclairs. Guess it’s like coveting what your partner orders at a restaurant.

  4. These are delicious and I agree that the cookie texture and flavor was the best part.

  5. Your cookies look great! I do like to think of them as French thumbprints.

  6. I am a day late with these. Arent they just delicious!! Mine did not turn out quite right. Not sure what i did but they are delicious anyway! Love yours!

  7. Those look perfect. I threw a couple in the freezer for me for later.

  8. Yours puffed up toward the edges so beautifully! I love the jewel tones of the jam in the centre and the end result is irresistible. That salty/sweet combo can’t be beat.

  9. I love the salty-sweet thing so I should definitely make these! ps. I also have a ton of open jams 🙂 it’s like having 4-5 books you’re reading at the same time!

  10. These look wonderful. I’m looking forward to making them. Your choice of jams sounds delicious.

  11. Oh how fun to have different fruits to choose from in your jars…a dozen is so much fun. The only thing I have a dozen of to choose from is mustard…we love mustards here and I would venture to say we have a mustard for every occasion. Now I need to work on my jars of jam selection. Your cookies look beautiful. I can’t make these too often as they are way too tempting…if one is good, two would be better…you get the idea. 🙂

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