Tuesdays with Dorie DC: Classic Jammers

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classic jammers

Happy Fourth of July! Classic Jammers may be one of Dorie’s best known cookie concoctions, and with good reason. I’ve made a larger galette version of these before, so I knew what I’d be in for…a sweet and sandy sablé base, topped with jam and ringed with sweet streusel. Yes, there are a few steps, some chill time and a little fiddling with muffin tins to get a uniform shape, but the work yields excellent cookies. They’re like little three-bite tarts. In fact, I may have put a little spoonful of ice cream on top of a couple, and it may have been a really good idea.

I admit to having a jam-hoarding problem, so I like that the recipe helps use up some of the random jam jars sitting in the fridge. I tried to get a little patriotic for the holiday and topped some jammers with a dark blue huckleberry jam and others with a deep red cherry jam. After they were baked, though, I honestly couldn’t visually tell the difference between them.  Both jams baked equally dark (as you can see), and it was a crapshoot as to which was which. D’oh! But both were great, so I didn’t mind.

For the recipe, see Dorie’s Cookies by Dorie Greenspan. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the TWD Blogroll. 


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  1. They look great! And yes, it was a very much debated question of which jam to use for these here too!

  2. Your cookies look perfect.

  3. Your jammers are perfect! And yes – love recipes that use up some of my jam stash!

  4. These were excellent cookies. My husband raves about them. It is certainly easier to make the galette. Ice cream sounds like a delicious choice.

  5. Lovely and I remember these were called Jammy Dodgers when I grew up in the Uk

  6. Those look so yummy! Nice!

  7. These were so good (as was the galette version)! I like your ideas for jam, though huckleberries here in BC are tiny, tart red berries that grow on the mountainsides. I’m curious to try the other kind.

  8. Yours look perfectly shaped! Great idea on the muffin tins.

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