Tuesdays with Dorie BCM: Gâteau Basque Fantasie

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gâteau basque fantasie

I am a fan of the gâteau Basque. In fact, I’ve made a couple of rather traditional versions here before, both filled with pastry cream and jammy fruit. This Gâteau Basque Fantasie is Dorie’s fall fantasy version. It has that great cookie-like double crust (seriously, so good!), filled with a cooked down mix of apples, grapes, lots of orange and dried fruit and nuts. It reminds me of mince pie, and I like it a lot. You can act out your own fantasies and switch things up, too. I imagine pears would be great in place of the apples, and you can change the spicing to be whatever you want it to be.

gâteau basque fantasie

The pastry dough seems a little fussy to work with. It’s soft and cracks easily. But really, it’s super forgiving because all that seems to disappear in the oven. Any imperfections come out looking perfectly beautiful, even if you feel you’ve done a rather kooky patch job getting it into the pan. Don’t skip the egg wash and the pretty crosshatch pattern. Of course these are just my fantasy additions, but may I also suggest a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a little glass of vin santo?

For the recipe, see Baking Chez Moi by Dorie Greenspan. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the TWD Blogroll!


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  1. Your gateau basque looks marvellous. I am pleased you included the grapes – I am hoping to get hold of some to include.

  2. Yes I wondered if this was like a mince pie – hmmmm…. we’ll see how I go since those are not my fave flavours. I might have to mix things up a LOT! Yours is gorgeous!

  3. I am hoping we are in the love it category on this one. I loved the jam filled one I have made in the past. Sounds like tricky dough ahead but I will just soldier on. Looking forward to serving it for Thanksgiving.

    • it will be perfect for thanksgiving. and the dough seems to bake just fine even if it looks a little messy going in!

  4. This version was good but I’d like to give the traditional one with pastry cream and fruit a try.

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