Tuesdays with Dorie DC: Date-Nut Pinwheels

February 5, 2019 at 12:01 am | Posted in cookies & bars, DC, groups, sweet things, tuesdays with dorie | 6 Comments
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date-nut pinwheels

Ok– wow– these Date-Nut Pinwheels are amazing! And aren’t they so cute? If you love dates like I love dates, then these are a must-make. If you don’t love dates (what, who are you?), I do suspect they’d work with jam, too, especially a thicker one, like fig.

To make these old-fashioned slice-and-bake spirals, you need to make a sweet brown sugar cookie dough and a paste from cooked down dates and chopped walnuts. Actually, I did not cook the walnut bits in with the filling…I sprinkled them over the date paste after I’d spread it onto the rolled out dough. I don’t know if I’m right about this, but I just thought it would be easier to distribute everything evenly that way. No one wants to be jipped of walnuts in their cookie! Then you take your date-schmeared dough and roll it into a log, chill it and slice it into chubby pinwheels.

I made a full recipe of these cookies, but only sliced and baked half of them. The other half of my dough log is in the freezer, but it won’t be there for long. I shared these with the trainers at my gym, and they have requested more. Also, I am requesting more. Haha.

For the recipe, see Dorie’s Cookies by Dorie Greenspan (the recipe is also here). Don’t forget to check out the rest of the TWD Blogroll!


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  1. Yours are so perfect! I agree with you, who doesn’t love dates?

  2. Your cookies are cute. I do like dates so I look forward to making these.

  3. How awesome to have a bunch of these in the freezer to slice and bake when you want!

  4. I loved these even more than I thought I would. Smitten Kitchen had a few good recipes if you are looking for more ideas. https://smittenkitchen.com/recipes/fruit/dates/?format=list

  5. I loved these as well! So pretty 🙂

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