Everyday Dorie: Potato Tourte

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potato tourte

I thought about not making the Potato Tourte this week for Cook the Book Fridays. It’s not that a potato gratin wrapped inside puff pastry isn’t appealing to me. It’s that it’s too appealing to me. I decided that if I made about half a recipe (which I totally eyeballed) in one of my 6-inch pie plates, then things wouldn’t spiral too out of control.

There are certain things that I am notoriously stingy with. Parchment paper is one…I will re-use a piece until it basically turns to ashes on a sheet tray. Puff pastry is another. There is no trimming of excess and there is never waste. I decided to allocate one half of a sheet of puff pastry to this project (the other half I’m saving intact for something else later this month). I wanted my top crust to look great, so I cut that round first. Then I patchworked the bottom crust in with the rest of the sheet and the off cuts from the top round. It looked kind of crazy pre-filling, but seems to have worked fine. I popped all that in the fridge while I assembled my oniony, garlicky herb mix (using fresh parsley, basil puree that I keep in the freezer and dried thyme) and my butter bits (which I actually grated so I could disperse them more evenly) and lemon strips (which I also actually grated) and mandolined a couple of yukon golds without any incident (I did not soak them in water). It didn’t take too long before everything was stacked and egg washed and in the oven.

For the final third of the baking time, cream gets drizzled into the steam vent in the top. I had a fair amount of butter bubbling and sizzling out of the tourte and onto the baking sheet, so I decided to only use a couple of tablespoons of cream instead of the half cup I otherwise would have. It seemed to be telling me it could barley contain all the fat that was in it already. Hahaha.

This is truly delicious. I served it with a bitter radicchio salad and a glass white wine to cut through the richness. Not only do you get the beautiful layers in the puff pastry, put also beautiful layers of creamy herbed potato. As yummy as this was for dinner, I’m looking forward to brunch leftovers tomorrow.

potato tourte

For the recipe, see Everyday Dorie by Dorie Greenspan, and head over to Cook the Book Fridays to see how the group liked this one.


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  1. This looks so perfectly decadent! But yes, I would (but probably shouldn’t!) eat the whole thing by myself… would love to make this for the next dinner party, perhaps!

    On Fri, Mar 8, 2019 at 5:54 PM a whisk and a spoon wrote:

    > steph (whisk/spoon) posted: ” I thought about not making the Potato Tourte > this week for Cook the Book Fridays. It’s not that a potato gratin wrapped > inside puff pastry isn’t appealing to me. It’s that it’s too appealing to > me. I decided that if I made about half a recipe (which I” >

  2. Your tourte looks wonderful! I love the way how you used the puff pastry and making the most of them!

  3. That looks so inviting with the radicchio salad on the side. This was a delicious recipe, definitely one to keep on hand.

  4. Good tip for the bottom crust! Looking fab your finished product!!

  5. As I was rolling out the puff pastry sheets, the cost of all that started to sink in. But I didn’t wait long enough to let it soften so that I can get more out of it. Maybe I should try it next time. That dark color crust is such a stunner. I also like the smaller tourte. So cute!

  6. Oh yum- yours looks fabulous. How wise of you to think of the decadence involved and make a half size version. While the leftovers reheated better than I would have expected, they pale in comparison to when it was first made. Well played to instead be able to knock out a fresh one at another time. Also liked your wisdom about the top crust being calculated first and “getting it done” so to speak with the bottom. SMART !

  7. This looks absolutely gorgeous! I’ll definitely be making this again!

  8. Oh my. that looks amazing.
    Something about this recipe reminds me of the recipes in “Baking with Julia” (except in that book, we would have been making the puff pastry from scratch…). Thank goodness for shortcuts 🙂

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