Everyday Dorie: Ginger Fried Rice

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ginger fried rice

This Ginger Fried Rice is a quick and tasty homemade version of a favorite take-out treat. In fact it’s better, because it’s fresher, less greasy and has more veggies. If you have some leftover cooked rice, this is a great way to use it up, along with those stray bits of this and that you might like to clear out of the icebox. Dorie says it’s a good recipe for fridge-raiders, a group I normally belong to, although in this particular case I did need to go out and get some stuff.

I went with Dorie’s suggestions for onions, garlic, baby bok choy and shrimp. I took a total cheat on the cabbage and carrots and bought a bag of coleslaw mix, which contained both and saved me the step of having to thinly slice them. Egg is a must in my fried rice (in fact if I order it out, I usually ask for extra egg), so I pre-scrambled a couple of them before getting along with the rest or the stir fry.

There’s a kick of fresh grated ginger, of course, to flavor the dish, but also a sweet and spicy sauce of ponzu, gochujang and honey. I don’t have any poznu in the fridge, but I do have soy and bottled yuzu juice, so I used a mix of that. I actually have to admit that I never measure anything for a sauce like this. I just get the general idea and then add the ingredients to taste. My taste buds told me this needed some sesame oil, so I added that to my sauce, too.

This is one I’ll make over and over again. For the recipe, see Everyday Dorie by Dorie Greenspan, and head over to Cook the Book Fridays to see how the group liked this one.


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  1. Oooh egg, why did I not think of that ? Great addition. Yes, I am a convert to the make at home fried rice and this was a fun adventure. Even if I have to grab an ingredient or two from the store, the flexibility of this one I can’t complain about lol. Love that shot of the bowl- looks delish. I am catching up on the sheet pan posts and enjoyed yours. Your dish of that also look fab and you had me chuckling about the roasted garlic and spreading that “goo” on everything. Sounds perfect !

  2. A great recipe for fried rice and I enjoyed every bite. Will have to try it with the chicken sometime as I’m sure that will be delicious too.

  3. I feel the same way comparing this recipe to take-out fried rice: better, fresher and more veggies that I crave. I am a fan of the egg too. No objection to more protein.

  4. Your cheat was a great idea and I should have added an egg. My husband usually does when he makes it. I think the amounts of the sauces was way too low and could have used more.

  5. Egg in this is excellent – I’ve made it a few times like that. And I’ve also added sesame seeds and used sesame oil! Love how versatile this is!

  6. So funny! I thought of adding an egg but didn’t. I need to be more like you and improvise a bit haha. Looks delicious!

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