Everyday Dorie: Last-of-the-Bunch Banana Bundt

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last-of-the-bunch banana bundt

A cake with bananas, chocolate chips, coconut and rum– sign me up! This Last-of-the-Bunch-Banana Bundt has all my favorite stuff, and thankfully that made it a pantry-friendly recipe for me. I did make a couple of little tweaks as I went along. I played up the coconut flavors by using coconut sugar in place of the brown sugar and coconut milk as the liquid in the glaze. Since this batter is so full of moisture-adding mashed banana and Greek yogurt, I decided I could probably cut out just a bit of fat, and only used half the butter called for (I kept the full amount of coconut oil).

There’s a good amount of batter here, and I was a little nervous that it was too much for the pan. Turned out it wasn’t, though…it baked up into a tall, glorious Bundt, which would have been delicious and pretty enough on it’s own, to be sure, but a little glaze and sprinkle didn’t hurt either.

For the recipe, see Everyday Dorie by Dorie Greenspan (it’s also here), and head over to Cook the Book Fridays to see how the group liked this one.


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  1. Yours is absolutely spectacular!

  2. Your cake looks quite festive! It would perfect under a cake dome on the counter so it can show itself off!

  3. Coconut chips look great. Sounds like all your tweaks worked out. Looks like you will have plenty for the freezer. How are things going for you in NY?

    • this was actually a half recipe made i. my smaller pan, so there are a couple of pieces left but thankfully not too much! my husband and i are doing alright…i’m lucky to have a backyard to do a little goofing off in. hope you are ok, but i imagine work must be so stressful. xoxo

  4. That looks so pretty, and this was a delicious recipe with so many good ingredients.

  5. Well your cake is simple stunning!! I always love to see how you have decorated or plated your food. So beautiful! Glad you enjoyed this one…my family loved it as well!! Stay safe in NY! Sounds like quite a battle ground there….here in CA we aren’t far off I am afraid.

  6. I like the idea of halving the amount of butter. It seems that you can get away with it. I’d try that approach next time.

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