Tuesdays with Dorie BCM: Green Tea Sablés

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green tea sablés

Now being home 24/7, elevenses seems to have become a thing I do to break up the day. Green Tea Sablés are a perfect side treat for my new-found tradition. We’ve made many varieties of these buttery, sandy cookies by now, and these ones are flavored, not with matcha, but with more delicate green tea leaves. We have (had? *sniff*) beautiful loose leaf tea at work, including one labeled “Japanese Pan-Fried Green Tea,” which I believe is kamairicha. I brought home a couple of tablespoons just before we closed in anticipation of these cookies.

The dough for these sablés is easily made by hand…like, the butter is actually rubbed in with your fingers, which are the cleanest they have even been, I’m sure. Then it is rolled into logs, chilled, and sliced. Okay, is it just me, or are slice-and-bake cookies infuriating? I feel like they are supposed to be the easiest way to cute round cookies, but, in fact, they always totally crumble when I slice them and then I have to press them back into some sloppy, patched together blobs. Or I cut them slanted. Or some cookies are too thick and others are too thin. Rather than let slice-and-bake cookies make me feel totally lame, I have picked up a few tricks from all of our DC baking and did these sablés in a muffin tin to get a nice coin shape. I only made a quarter-recipe of this dough (my lockdown freezer is stacked up with the half-finished coffee cakes and hot cross buns I am apparently hoarding for the apocalypse), so I took out my mini muffin pan and made these petits sablés.

I had enough of that green tea left over to not only make a small pot to go along with the cookies for elevenses, but also to make a bit of green tea sugar for garnish. Because I was baking the sablés in a tin instead of free-form, rather than roll my log in sugar before slicing, I sprinkled the tops of each cookie with it before baking.

For the recipe, see Baking Chez Moi by Dorie Greenspan. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the TWD Blogroll!


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  1. They’re very pretty. And the green tea sugar topping is inspired!

  2. By the time we’re free from quarantine, we’ll all have enough baked goods in our freezers to start bakeries. Baking in a mini-muffin tin is an excellent idea!

  3. Yes, slice and bake cookies are infuriating for the reasons that you mention. I am glad you mentioned that these use green tea as I would have assumed they were flavoured with matcha. I might use a different herbal tea because I don’t keep green tea (apart from an expensive tin of matcha that I bought for TWD). I will remember your tip to bake them in the muffin tin.

    • another blogger, ashley, did substitute matcha, so if you wanted to use more of that tin, it sounds like it works just fine.

  4. Enjoyed your post, we all have new schedules now. These were lovely.

  5. Gosh, these look good! I agree about slice and bake cookies; I never can get that perfectly round log of dough. Great idea to use a muffin tin.

  6. Oh cool is that to have access to interesting ingredients. I like your tip on the muffin tin…will have to keep that in mind. I don’t want to buy a box of teas so not sure I will be making these. Wish I could borrow just a bit from someone haha.

    • if you have another flavor of tea, i bet they’d be good with just about any.

  7. Slice and bake cookies ARE infuriating! I plan on making these in muffin tins too!

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