Everyday Dorie: Tangerine-Topped Cheesecake

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tangerine-topped cheesecake

I’m looking at this photo of a slice Tangerine-Topped Cheesecake and am wondering why I didn’t actually top it with any tangerine segments. They’re all in the bowl in the background! Ah well, it’s a pretty nice-looking slice anyway, and that citrus did eventually find it’s way on top. This cheesecake has a blend of cream cheese and ricotta, which, along with a long beating time, keeps it light. It’s also basically a crustless cheesecake, with just a dusting of crumbs on the bottom to keep it from sticking. A thick slice of NY-style cheesecake often hits me like a brick (of cream cheese), so I really liked this lighter style. I do enjoy a proper graham cracker crust, though, but I don’t see why I couldn’t make one for this next time. Since we’re just two cheesecake-eaters here at home, I scaled down the recipe and made a third of it my 6″ loose-bottomed pan.

No futzing with a water bath makes this pretty easy to make. The cake mix has plenty of tangerine zest in it, but you could use any other citrus zest or the seeds of a vanilla bean for flavor instead. And who’s to say it has to be tangerine-topped? Berries, figs, poached pears or stewed dried fruit all sound like good toppers to me.

For the recipe, see Everyday Dorie by Dorie Greenspan, and head over to Cook the Book Fridays to see all of our cheesecakes this week.


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  1. I like all your topper suggestions. Don’t know how your cheesecake gets to look so perfect, with a nice rise and without any cracks!

  2. I agree with all your sentiments on this one. Light, fluffy and delicious. Great photo even without the tangerines.

  3. I found I didn’t have a picture of mine topped with the oranges either 😂…your slice does look perfect! This one seems to be a universal success!

  4. wow yours turned out perfect! mine defintely still had dents it! yes..if i made this again I want a real graham cracker crust!

  5. This is just lovely Steph! ❤

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