Tuesdays with Dorie BWD: Two-Bite Cinnamon Puffs

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two-bite cinnamon puffs

I think choux pastries are some of the most fun, from the cooking of the dough itself to the excitement of seeing how it sprouts and poofs in the oven, they are a delight to make and eat. Dorie’s One-Bite Cinnamon Puffs are cinnamon-spiced chouquettes, French sweet snacks that are pearl-sugared cream puffs without the cream. The recipe makes 100 little popable babies– a bit too much for the two of us here, even though we are pretty hard-core snackers. I cut the recipe back to just 1/4 and made her Two-Bite Cinnamon Puffs variation. Since it was such a small amount of batter, I just mixed it by hand right in the pot I used to heat the liquid. I also started my oven at 400˚ and turned it down to 350˚ at the half-way point. I figured the larger sized puffs could take that extra-hot steam boost without getting torched (not sure about the tiny ones, though). This gave me eleven chouquettes that were a nice coffee nibble. And, if you want to experiment, the two-biters also had enough room inside to squirt a little canned whipped cream or to hold a small scoop of ice cream.

If you don’t have the book Baking with Dorie: Sweet, Salty & Simple by Dorie Greenspan yet, get it and join us as we bake through it every second and fourth Tuesdays! Don’t forget to check out the rest of the TWD Blogroll and all the other participation deets over on Tuesdays with Dorie!


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  1. 2 bites? I doubt it, I am greedy and have a big mouth😎

  2. Oh yours looks so good…and so round. I wanted mine to be rounder so I must have done something wrong and need to try again. And I’m going to get some of those little sugar pearls you have on yours. “Hard core snackers…” lol. Mark was doing what you were suggesting, squirting whipped cream into them. And when I tell him about all that chocolate sauce talk on Gaye’s blog, I’m sure that will be happening here as well. You did such a nice job on these.

  3. Yours are, unsurprisingly, so pretty!

  4. I see you like to make these, too fiddly for me, but coffee snackers sounds like a great bite.

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