Everyday Dorie: Candied Cocktail Nuts

December 23, 2022 at 5:44 pm | Posted in cook the book fridays, everyday dorie, groups, other savory, savory things, snacks | 2 Comments
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candied cocktail nuts

I’m late to the party in posting these Candied Cocktail Nuts because I wanted to have them around for Christmas Day snacks. I knew that if I roasted them two weeks ago, they would not have made it that long!

These are simple: toss lightly toasted nuts in a sweet and salty melted butter mix and roast for about ten more minutes. I raided the nut drawer for this and used macadamias, pecans, cashews, hazelnuts and pistachios. While Dorie flavors hers with thyme in the recipe, she does suggest playing around with spices. I took her suggestion to use garam masala, and since I was going down that route, I replaced the maple syrup and brown sugar in the butter mixture with jaggery for sweetness and the red pepper flakes with Kashmiri pepper for heat. I also added in some fresh curry leaves, which roasted up crispy. As anticipated, these nuts are totally addictive (and since they were a snap to put together, I could easily have made another round…)

For the recipe, see Everyday Dorie by Dorie Greenspan (it’s also here), and head over to Cook the Book Fridays to see what we all thought.


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  1. I love how you have enough knowledge…and probably more important, enough confidence to try your own take. Sounds delicious! 😍

  2. Yes these nuts were very addictive and disappeared too fast. Good call on waiting to make them. We also made macadamia nuts which were especially good.

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