Everyday Dorie: Eggplant and Ginger Tartines

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eggplant and ginger tartines

Eggplant and Ginger Tartines are another “things on toast” recipe that makes for a good lunch, if you have some extra time or if you do some prep in advance. These open faced sandwiches feature a charred and seasoned chunky eggplant spread on top of crusty bread. I’ll just be straight here and tell you that it would never even occur to me to actually measure the flavorings and seasonings in something like this eggplant spread. I looked at the ingredients list and added enough stuff (tahini, pom molasses, lemon, sumac, ginger, scallion, cilantro and salt) to the smush until I liked the way it tasted. Also, I grated my ginger, as opposed to coarsely chopping it, because I was, in fact, not paying attention to anything other than the names of the ingredients themselves. I only realized the ginger was supposed to be chopped when I read Kim’s post– haha- sounds like maybe it was a good mistake.

I assembled my tartines on some toasted homemade polenta sourdough. The eggplant spread is, shall we say,  drab in color, but the tartines are garnished with some pretty bits to jazz them up. Sliced pear (or apple, in my case) and radish give the tartines some crunch. Arugula provides more pepperiness and pomegranate seeds give some pop.

For the recipe, see Everyday Dorie by Dorie Greenspan, and head over to Cook the Book Fridays to see what we all thought.


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  1. When following the recipe literally does not make sense, I do the same as you do and rely on tasting/adjusting the ingredient amounts until they seem right to me. I love the look of the watermelon radishes and apple slices, what a delightful pop of color.

  2. Agree that it feels over the top to measure ingredients for something like this. Your tartines are spectacular (they look better than the ones in the book!) but even looking at this photo, I don’t know I’d make this again. Literally unless I had all that hanging around in the fridge (unlikely!).

  3. Your radishes are beautiful. I think I would have preferred apple to pear which was too soft in my case.

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