Everyday Dorie: White Beans and Smoked Fish (a pantry-and-fridge salad)

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white beans and smoked fish (a pantry-and-fridge salad)

A “pantry-and-fridge” salad is the kind I make for myself most days. Actually, my pantry is non-existent (I live in NYC, and there’s just one food cabinet in my kitchen), so my salads don’t always contain as many yummy things as the White Beans and Smoked Fish version that Dorie makes. Normally I’m just fridge-foraging for leftover veg and cheese scraps and hoping there’s half of an avocado in there somewhere. I had to make a stop at the fancy-pants little neighborhood grocery to get supplies for this one.

Back home and armed with a can of white beans, a tin of smoked rainbow trout (in the coolest packaging), a jar of preserved lemon and some arugula and crunchy veggies, I tossed this together with a mustardy white balsamic vinaigrette and some chopped up homemade pickled red onions (which I am never without). Maybe I should make more space for this stuff at home, because I inhaled this salad post-gym. I will call it my “cabinet-and-fridge” salad.

For the recipe, see Everyday Dorie by Dorie Greenspan, and head over to Cook the Book Fridays to see what we all thought.


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  1. Sounds really tasty Steph!

  2. It was good…so light and fresh right?! Perfect for after the gym or a hot summer night!

  3. I know what you mean to have a cabinet, instead of a pantry full of goodies, for inspiration. (I once lived in NYC.) That never stops you from putting together a fantastic plate of food.

    • you may even get more resourceful as a cook winging it with limited storage, because you need to clear space before getting anything new.

  4. Definitely cool packaging. I love the look of your salad, a nice lunch meal indeed.

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