Daring Bakers in January: Lemon Meringue Pie

January 28, 2008 at 2:52 pm | Posted in daring bakers, groups, pies & tarts, sweet things | 79 Comments

lemon meringue pie

This sounds bizarre, even to me, but I don’t think I’ve ever had lemon meringue pie (a.k.a. LMP) before.  I can’t imagine how this is possible, but I also can’t recall ever having a piece.  This month’s Daring Bakers challenge, chosen and hosted by Jen The Canadian Baker, was my chance to fill this gross void in my culinary experience.

Apparently LMP doesn’t keep well.  The meringue can breakdown and weep (how sad!), and the crust can sog out if it’s not eaten within a few hours of being made.   I decided that for just three of us, dividing the recipe in half might make more sense.  I have some rarely-used mini pie tins that I put to work to get three baby pies. 

lemon meringue pie

The pastry dough came together easily in the food processor, but was a little more wet than the sweet dough I usually make.  It rolled out fine though…I chilled it for several hours in the tins before baking, and it held its shape nicely in the oven.  I was even able to pop them out of the tins successfully!  The filling was super easy to make…much less work than a regular lemon curd, thanks to cornstarch.  And  I was really happy with the cloud-like fluffy whiteness of the meringue.  In the oven, the peaks took on a gorgeous pale brown.

lemon meringue pie

I must say, I thought my little guys came out really cute, what with their mounds of fluff heaped on top!  But what did I think of my first taste of LMP?  I liked it, but I could really take it or leave it.  The lemon filling has a bit too much of that cornstarchy giggle.  I think I prefer a traditional French lemon curd tart.

Want a few hundred more opinions of LMP?  Then head on over to the Daring Bakers Blogroll.  And if you want the recipe, it’s here on Jen’s site.

DB whisk


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  1. Lovin your mini pies. It looks great.

  2. Beautiful meringues! Great job with this month’s challenge!

  3. Gorgeous as always Steph! Loved the fluff and I ha dway too many of the minis…I think my dentist is going to love me!!

  4. Hi Steph. I’m with you all the way. Looks spectacular – yours are gorgeous. Such a lovely sunny yellow. Fun to make. Who doesn’t love clouds of meringue. But not over the moon on taste.

    On to the next challenge!!! 🙂

  5. You’re right… your little guys are adorable. Mine? They’re going to be a few days late. January’s just gotten away from me.

    Where do I find mini pie tins?

  6. Wow, your meringue looks thick and yummy ! Congrats for your first LMP !

  7. Lovely little pies. My hubby will absolutely adore them. My first visit to your blog and will come back.



  8. It’s beautiful! I love the way you made your swirls. I wish I could take a bite out of your picture.

  9. Steph! really lovely looking mini-pies! The photos are great and I”m glad you liked the pie – but it really was fun making them!

  10. Beautiful LMP – and I love the background colour!!

  11. It looks delicious. Really good job here 🙂

  12. oh! this one looks wonderful! so cute! love it!

  13. Your mini pies look wonderful!

  14. Wow! Your filling turned out such a pretty shade of yellow. I used raw sugar and got a more brown color. It’s nice to see what it COULD have looked like- hah! I really love the pics too- great background.

  15. Your pie looks amazing, love the meringue!! Great job.

  16. Absolutely gorgeous!

  17. Beautiful photos! Your LMP looks luscious!

  18. Simply WOW! this really looks good Steph. Well done1

  19. wow i love your pies, it looks yummy.

  20. Oh yours look so incredible gorgeous! i like it!

  21. I´m with you on terms of the taste. I do prefer a more traditional lemon curd, or pierre herme´s lemon cream to this curd, and a french or italian meringue to this one.

  22. i’m with you. i could take it or leave it, but it was fun to try to make it!


  23. You certainly had no problems with your filling like a lot of the other girls. Your LMPs look great!

  24. So much meringue! Looks lovely!

  25. So cute!
    You might want to try it again using lime instead of lemon – it is so different and amazing!

  26. What cute little mini pies! Great job!

  27. Your pies look adorable! I wish that my meringue poofed up as much as yours. With all of the humidity here, I always have trouble with that.

  28. Now THAT is a lemon meringue pie! Love the height and the color!

  29. Awesome looking!!!!

  30. Great job. Looks great!

  31. Your little pie is so cute! And I don’t think I’d ever eaten a piece of LMP until this challenge either.

  32. These are so adorable! I love the beautiful layers and particularly the pinkish colour to the meringue ^__^. Mmm!

  33. Your pies are adorable!! And I’m glad that you were able to try your first LMP!

  34. You’re pictures are so vibrant! Yummm! I would like one of your pies right now…(as I toss mine to the side)

  35. Wow! That picture of the LMP cut into is PERFECT – the perfect picture AND the pie looks gorgeous. It looks like your filling set with no problems! Yum.

  36. Lookin’ good Steph! You always do us proud. Hope all is well x

  37. Your pies are so cute!!
    I’d never made a lemon meringue pie before either.

  38. Those are definitely cute, I can’t believe you’ve never had LMP before!

  39. Steph, your pictures are absolutely stunning! I love the look of your meringue.

  40. Beautiful as always, in baking and photos.

  41. Your mini pies turned out great!

  42. WOW!! It looks FANTASTIC! 🙂

  43. What a great looking pie!!

  44. Your LMP looks fabulous! I love the burnt lines on your meringue, mine didn’t turn out like this, it was just a a consistent brown all over. Good job!

  45. Love your pictures! Your pies are gorgeous!

  46. Great photos! Wow your lemon curd is so yellow! Looks fantastic! Well done!

  47. Awww.. those little pies are just too cute and amazing in colour! Congratulations, by the way I love your minty chocolate cupcakes below.

  48. those mini pies just look perfect.

  49. Look at that meringue!!!!You rose to the challenge and conquered!!

  50. I love those mini pies! The thick layer of meringue has me drooling all over the place… Nice job!

  51. Thats one great looking pie! You meringue looks absolutely poofy!

  52. Very cute! I need to try making a lemon curd tart, mmm.

  53. I felt similarly! I think I just don’t love meringue. My curd turned out fine, though, couldn’t taste the cornstarch.

  54. Awesome looking pie – amazing, that you got the filling to set up so wonderfully! Great job!

  55. Just perfect!

  56. I love that first photo of your mini pie. The meringue looks like petals – beautiful. I found the filling too corn-starchy as well, so I think I’ll be sticking to my original recipe in future.

  57. Wow! Your pie look perfect…absolutely beautiful

  58. That looks awesome! As I look through all the pies, I think going smaller was better. I absolutely love your meringue.

  59. You are right. Your “little guys” are so very cute. Our crust didn’t get soggy at all — even when we sampled (snarfed) them the next day. Amazing! And how in heck did you cut that meringue so perfectly?

  60. What a gorgeous pie!!!

  61. I love the idea of small pies and yours are gorgeous. I usually make mine with a no sieve needed recipe and try to keep away from adding ‘useless’ carbs to recipes. And I like my lemons tarts tart too. Nice to see how others do it.

  62. How did yours turn out so GREAT! My filling ran everywhere! Looks great!

  63. NIce pies 🙂

  64. They turned out great! Take it or leave it is a great way to describe how I feel about lmp.

  65. You did a lovely job on your lemon meringue pie. Great job!

    Natalie @ Gluten A Go Go

  66. Wonderfully sunny looking! Great job on this month’s challenge.

  67. b/w you and Tartelette, I’m doomed… trying to lose just a few pounds. This does not help!
    I just whipped some maringue to eat out of the bowl and I love it every time. Your browning tips are beautiful!

  68. I like the depth of your layers.

  69. This looks absolutely wonderful. Your meringue is great…not too airy but still fluffy and light. Great job!

  70. Wow, your pies look soooooo good. Excellent job!

  71. your tarts are gorgeous and perfect! it’s the exact way i envision lemon meringue tarts! 🙂

  72. your little deep dish mini pies are adorable. glad you filled a culinary void with this month’s challenge. great photos too !

  73. Beautifully set. Really well don on your challenge

  74. Look at the huge thick meringue, just absolutely lovely.

  75. what amazing photos! I’ve just joined the Daring Bakers and am looking forward to my first challenge! Your pies are beautiful!!

  76. Nice looking pies! They look delicious!

  77. hey! I really like your blog! So I posted your link on my one: http://www.anninasfood.blogspot.com hope this is ok! I’m also on daring bakers! 🙂 CU bye, Annina (Ann)

  78. Despite your final lack of enthusiasm for regular remakes – your little guys look joyously enthusiastic to have been made. Well done

  79. Wow, they look excellent!

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