Daring Bakers in April: Cheesecake Pops

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cheesecake pops

I must admit that I almost skipped making these cheesecake pops, this month’s Daring Bakers challenge.  Even though I went out and searched around for lollipop sticks at the beginning of the month, I hadn’t really been in a cheesecake mood.  Then I realized that the photo opportunities here were too good to be missed!  The recipe, from the book Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey by Jill O’Connor, was chosen by co-hostesses Deborah from Taste and Tell and Elle from Feeding My Enthusiasms

I found a recipe calling for five bars of cream cheese to be a bit much to swallow (literally).  I scaled the recipe way back to just one bar and baked it in a small loaf pan.  I put the batter together my favorite way– in the food processor.  As long as all the ingredients are room temperature, you will never get a lump.  It baked up nicely, but even the tiny amount that I made took about 20 minutes longer than the suggested time.

cheesecake pops

After a night in the fridge, I used an ice cream scoop to form the set cheesecake into rough balls, and put them into the freezer for half an hour before reshaping them a bit.  They still came out looking a bit…ummm….individual.  Not that that’s a bad thing!  The sticks are really wooden craft sticks (I had no luck finding the paper ones here), and I loved their fun colors.  The packet said non-toxic, so let’s just hope that’s right!

cheesecake pops

I’m not embarrassed to say that hundreds and thousands are my favorite cake decoration!  Just looking at them makes me smile! 

cheesecake pops

I decided to roll a couple in some almond cookie crumbs mixed with a little cinnamon to get kind a cheesecake crust thing going on.  In the center of these ones, I managed to hide a blob of strawberry jam.  Sneaky! 

cheesecake pops

The cuteness factor is unbelievable, and they taste pretty good too!  Just what I needed put myself into a cheesecake mood!  Thanks Deborah and Elle!  You can find the recipe for the pops on Deborah’s site.  I’ve looked at a bunch of posts, and the DBers did a beautiful job this month, so please check out the DB blogroll

DB whisk


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  1. I love all of your cheesecake pops! They look fabulous. I would love to try the ones with the almond cookies and cinnamon, classic!

  2. Nice touch with the jam and the almond cookies! They look great! Thanks again for all your help 🙂

  3. The photos are terrific! Mine were rather “individual” too. =) But extremely tasty.

  4. You did an amazing job with your pops and photos! Stunning!:)

  5. Fun pics and they look wonderful!

  6. Wow, they really look so cute! They would be a great addition at a dinner party, especially since they are small portions and really easy to eat. Nice work! 🙂

  7. I wish I could figure out how to hide things in them, it must have been amazing. Nice creative touch with the almond cookie crumbs.

  8. They look adorable! Love the ones with cookie dust!

  9. Lovely, lovely, lovely!!! I love the idea of hiding jam in the middle. Fantastic!

  10. Your pops look great…and yes, apart from needing longer to cook, they were really fun 🙂

  11. Cute, cute, cute!

  12. Too cute, and your photos are just fabulous. I felt like I could reach out and eat one. I bought the last pop sticks at my store, hard to find they are.Well done!

  13. Oh you sneaky person you! I was thinking about doing a center too…but got too lazy. Very nice work!


  14. I think this has been one of the most photogenic DB challenges yet, everything looks so good!

  15. Amazing and lovely, my kids want some too!

  16. The food processor! I’ll have to try that sometime.

  17. I love hundreds & thousands too, and who couldn’t smile, looking at such lovely pops!

  18. I’m with you… I was so hesitant to do this month’s challenge cuz I just wasn’t into it but I realized the photo opportunity and gave in! LOL

    Yours look great 🙂 🙂

  19. Beautiful pops!

  20. I’ve never tried a cheesecake in the food processor, I’ll have to remember that! Great job on this month’s challenge. I’m glad they put you in a cheesecake mood!

  21. your pops are so pretty! I’m glad you didn’t skip out on this one:) Great photos!

  22. Who could actually resist such nice looking cheesecake pops 🙂 they are absolutely lovely!

  23. Your cheesecake pops look so cute! I really like the ones with the cookie crumbs!

  24. Absolutely beautiful! (as always!)

  25. I’d have been happy to send you some lollipop sticks Steph!
    Your pops look so cute with the little bow and sprinkles.

  26. They look great. The cinnamon was a fantastic idea!

  27. Ohhh! The strawberry jam and almond has me going. Loevely!

  28. gorgeous as usual!

  29. I always look forward to your creations and once again, you certainly do not disappoint. Beautiful!

  30. Great looking pops! I wish I had thought of the jam idea… I bet they taste like heaven. Great job!

  31. yumm! I love the idea of sneaking strawberry jam inside of the pops! great job!

  32. You’re right, the photos are great! I looove hundreds and thousands too! I couldn’t find any so ended up with rainbow jimmies instead. Great job on the challenge!

  33. Beautiful looking cheesecake pops!! The one with strawberry jam stuffed inside sound wonderful.

  34. Always so pretty, Steph!

  35. Gorgeous! I like the craft sticks – I’m assuming you’re all still living, right?

  36. these are gorgeouse. And you are right , the cuteness factor is over the top!

  37. They are so pretty! Very fun!

  38. They’re gorgeous, but I love how you snuck a blog of jam into the middle of those graham cracker ones. How fun!! Great job 🙂

  39. They are so simple yet so sweet! amazing photos!

  40. Your pops look absolutely fantastic! Great job!

  41. Adorable looking pops!! Great job!

  42. Starwberry inside the pops and crust on the outside–brilliant!

  43. so absolutely, incredibly adorable.

  44. I love your pops! They look so cute. The almondy ones with the jam sound wonderful!

  45. your pops came out looking lovely, all in their individual way! sneaking strawberry jam inside sounds perfect!

  46. WOW…absolutely pretty & perfect!! What nice pops you put together…very nice! Lovely pictures too!!

  47. thanks to DB I came here, and it’s just marvellous ! Everything you do looks so yummy !!!! thanks ! and nice pops, of course 😉

  48. Wow, pretty pretty pretty!

  49. gorgeous pops!

  50. Absolutely gorgeous! I am finally going aroud everybody (well, almost) so sorry if this has been said before, but they do llok absolutely perfect!

  51. your pops are cute! love the colors and how they pop 😉

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