Tuesdays with Dorie: Rick Katz’s Brownies for Julia

February 9, 2010 at 6:00 pm | Posted in cookies & bars, groups, sweet things, tuesdays with dorie | 27 Comments

Rick Katz’s brownies for Julia

For some reason, I’ve been having a hard time getting this post up.  Writer’s block?  I dunno…maybe it’s just that these brownies, chosen by Chocolatechic Tanya for TWD, were too good for words!

If you’ve made this recipe, or have even read through it, then you’ll have noticed something unusual…it requires a mixer to whip the heck out of the eggs and sugar!  These are certainly fudgy brownies, but whereas the brownies I make at work are quite dense, you can feel what the whipped-in air does to these…they have a softer texutre and some chew.  I read some reports of underbaked goo, so I baked my batch in a slightly larger pan than the recipe calls for, left them in the oven for a few extra insurance minutes and popped them in the fridge for half an hour before cutting into them.  Perfect squares of deliciousness, with a paper-thin top crust.

For the recipe, see Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan, or read Chocolatechic.   Don’t forget to check out the TWD Blogroll!


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  1. I read through this recipe the other week and decided to give it a miss – but maybe I should revisit it! Your brownies look divine 🙂

  2. Steph, Gotta give you props for baking all day at work and doing all of your baking at home! I also liked the results of whipping the sugar and eggs…that added step seems to make a wonderful difference in texture.

  3. I think blogger’s block must be in the air. I’m feeling it too. I’m thinking we should both eat some brownies and wait it out. If it takes the whole pan, then so be it 😛

  4. By looking at your brownies texture, I’m sure we got the same thing… I kept it longer in the oven cause I had smaller mold. Turned out great, just like yours… just not as perfect looking, I guess and not my favorite. I like the kind you mention… dense and more chocolatey.
    Bravo! Steph.

  5. I haven’t made these yet. I was a little turned off by all the people who thought they were just goo. I’ll have to try them tomorrow!

  6. I saw your photo earlier on Flickr today and have been drooling over your brownies ever since! Gorgeous! I loved these brownies too and I’m not usually a fudgy brownie girl. I sent them to work with my husband today but now that I want dessert I’m regretting that decision 🙂

  7. These look perfect – what gives? 🙂 Mine were more on the gooey side – incredibly delicious though! No writing needed – the photo says volumes! Perfect brownies – truly!

  8. How wonderful ! I’d love one !

  9. They would go down well at work

  10. Mmmm…crumbly, fudgy but not overly dense brownies? I’m there!

  11. Yours do look great! I over-baked mine (by accident) and it turned out to be a good thing, based on all the comments about gooey centers.

  12. Those look incredible! Next time I make these I’m using ramekins for the whole batch MMMMMMMMM

  13. your brownies look amazing! It sounds like the bigger pan was definitely the way to go on these! Mine were quite gooey. Still delicious, but lots of gooo!

  14. Your brownies are lovely.

  15. They look perfect. I love the photo.

  16. Yours look a lot better than mine did, but the taste was out of this world!

  17. Your brownies look awesome!!!

  18. Honestly, as you can see from the photo on my own blog, I LOVE underbaked goo. It kind of made me laugh how all the bakers were scrambling to make their brownies more solid — I have never complained about melted chocolate 😉

  19. These are GOOD/Great brownies. And you pic says it all. Perfect.

  20. “Perfect squares of deliciousness” is a great way to describe these, they were so good! Yours look perfect.

  21. As an avid baker, it’s hard to admit that I’ve never actually made brownies from scratch. But this looks like the perfect recipe to try for my first time!! Thanks for sharing!

  22. Your brownies look perfectly scrumptious! I baked mine in a larger pan too after reading the P&Q comments.

  23. Well, Steph…. speaking of “those” brownies you make at that place you call “work,” are you not going to leak the place of your employ? he he You see you have sparked the curious. Ah well, I guess I will just have to rest in the fact that this brownie recipe is just the kind of “gooey-ness I like. hehe Your brownies look so delicious. I am really wanting some of these and mine are long gone. Off to the kitchen. You are amazing!

  24. Great shot of the brownies. Next time, I’m using a bigger pan, for sure!

  25. I love how yours turned out. I should have baked mine in a bigger pan.

  26. Delicious. Delicious. Delicious.

    I am usually a fan of the chewy brownie – the one that you bake at work! – but this does look more dense than fudgy the way you have baked it.

    I’m starting to crave a square of this now. Maybe with a nice icy glass of milk. Very icy actually – it’s about 35C here right now – the right temperature for snacking, but not baking! 🙂

  27. oh yum your brownie loks awesome!
    i made some a few weeks ago and while they werent so crash hot straight out of the oven, i left them in the kitchen totally forgot about them.. fast forward 4-5 days later i zapped a piece in the microwave and served with icecream- YUMMY!

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