Tuesdays with Dorie BCM: Chocolate-Cherry Brownies

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chocolate-cherry brownies

By rough count I’ve made approximately one zillion brownie recipes here over the last eight years.  Well, now I can add Chocolate-Cherry Brownies to that collection.  These brownies are made in pretty normal fashion (unlike, say, Brownies for Julia), but have dried cherries and some finely chopped chocolate folded in at the very end.  I’m not normally a fruit and chocolate gal, but I must say that I like these with their pop of tartness.  My husband, who is a fruit and chocolate guy, declared them to be “excellent” brownies.

The recipe says to first plump up the dried cherries– you could also use cranberries– in port or red wine, but seems someone drank all the wine again (qui, moi?), so I used coffee instead.   I made half a recipe in a loaf pan, and it took just about the stated time to bake.  Several folks who made the full-sized batch noted that extra time was needed, so always use your baker’s instinct to check and adjust.  I like to pop brownies into the fridge for at least a couple of hours after they’ve baked and cooled to room temp.  It makes them set up nicely…what could seem underbaked or too gooey if cut right away magically turns into fudgy goodness…and they cut cleaner, too.

For the recipe, see Baking Chez Moi by Dorie Greenspan. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the TWD Blogroll!


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  1. Yours did set up nicely! And good tip with the loaf pan!

  2. Weren’t these delicious? Im not sure they are my absolute favorite brownie ever but they were so good!

  3. Your brownies look delicious. I used the same method of chilling and came out with fudge goodness as well. I love the way the freezer or fridge sets these brownies.

  4. I like your ideas of using coffee and also refrigerating the brownies before cutting. Your brownies look perfect!

  5. they look so lush!

  6. I love your tip about letting them set in the fridge. Thanks for sharing! These brownies look divine 🙂

  7. Perfection. I love how chilled and fudgy yours look. And I love that you said you’ve made probably one zillion brownie recipes in your blogging years. Me, too! We’re the opposite. I love chocolate and fruit, my husband does not! 😉 Katrina, Baking and Boys!

  8. I would think the coffee added some great flavor to those brownies! They look wonderfully delicious! Love your tip about the fridge…next time!

  9. We loved these here. I only baked mine for thirty minutes, but they set up well overnight!

  10. Great advice re popping the brownies into the fridge to set up, turn fudgy, and cut clean! I couldn’t wait to taste them so I didn’t, but they definitely were fudgier the next day!

  11. Thanks for the awesome recipe! Coffee definitely sounds like a great idea haha. Please visit us back at http://www.twoshadesofyellow.wordpress.com whenever you’re free! We have just started posting recipes and would appreciate any advice you might have 🙂

  12. looks absolutely delicious! please visit my blog ❤ https://enjoybypaula.wordpress.com/

  13. You are definitely a brownie aficionado. I love chocolate so they all look good. My son shares your sentiments with the fruit in chocolate thing. He preferred that I leave them out next time. My husband and I enjoyed them.

  14. I feel as though this recipe is a win for the fruit and chocolate fans. Coffee would be a fun twist with the cherries.

  15. Your brownies has such nice cuts! They look great! This recipe is a winner. Soaking the dried fruit in coffee sounds good to me!

  16. so creative!

  17. The coffee was a great idea – I ended up buying port especially. These were very good brownies and your look just perfect.

  18. Look great! I like the idea of doing half a recipe sometimes. Usually I practice Dorie’s “bake and release” technique of giving away my baked goods, but sometimes I’m forced to eat most of the yummy things myself.

  19. Coffee is a great alternative! I do the same – put brownies in the freezer for about twenty minutes. So much easier and cleaner, as you said, to cut. Your brownies look quite decadent.

  20. Great tips! I love the coffee idea–coffee goes so great with chocolate–and also the idea of chilling in the fridge. It definitely would have made these easier to cut.

  21. Not a huge fruity dessert person, but your posts practically make me drool. Just nominated you for the Liebster Award at https://compulsivelychic.wordpress.com/2015/08/18/liebster-award/
    Check it out!

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