Everyday Dorie: Maple-Syrup-and-Mustard Brussels Sprouts

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maple-syrup-and-mustard brussels sprouts

I was never the kid who pushed away the dish of brussels sprouts. In fact, they were always a highlight of Thanksgiving dinner, right up there with stuffing! I know…weird, right? When I make sprouts at home, I usually just simply roast them with a little s&p. Sometimes I shred and sauté them. I’m always happy to try out something new, though. These Maple-Syrup-and-Mustard Brussels Sprouts are steamed first and then they’re finished off in a skillet, where they take on some color before being combined with the maple and mustard and some crispy bacon (of the turkey variety for me). They’re sweet and savory and a little zingy. And steaming is a really easy way to cook them, so I don’t know why I haven’t done it before. I have a little container of leftovers that I plan to heat up and top with a fried egg, and I’m so looking forward to it!

For the recipe, see Everyday Dorie by Dorie Greenspan, and head over to Cook the Book Fridays to see how the group liked this one.



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  1. I loved them to, and I do love brussels sprouts since I were a kid. I think it skips a generation, because my kids sure don’t like them at all. They thought however these brussel sprouts were edible so that’s a bit a breakthrough for Dorie.

  2. These are just the business. And I don’t even like Brussels sprouts!

  3. Like you, I usually keep my sprouts simple, roasted with olive oil and salt. These took it to a whole new level. My husband and I loved them. Yours look great!

  4. I’m all over your idea of putting a fried egg on these! Beautiful job.

  5. This is such a delicious recipe and so easy to make. Yours look yummy with that nice crisp bacon.

  6. This a really delicious recipe, and easy to prepare. I love the look of that crispy bacon on yours.

  7. We love this too! Delicious!

  8. Oh, I bet this would be delicious with some egg! Looks fabulous and, yes, it is a bit weird that you liked them as a kid. But not really. Have you ever done any DNA testing? There’s apparently a genetic variation where some people taste the bittering chemical in cruciferous veg and leafy greens and some don’t. I was a much bigger veg eater than my siblings and I found out that I don’t taste that chemical!

  9. Maybe it was the way I grew up, but I was never exposed to brussels sprouts until very recently- into my early 30’s! mm…having these for breakfast would be delish too! maybe with a side of hash?

  10. I like so many ways Brussels sprouts are prepared. Lately, separating the leaves and sauté them. A fun vegeatable to work with.

  11. I agree with egg Idea! My hubby preferred the maple syrup version over the balsamic one.

  12. I love having leftovers like this! I liked these so much that I’ve made them twice so far (and will do so again tomorrow night!).

  13. Your sprouts look delicious, and I love the idea of serving them with an egg!! Brilliant!

  14. I’m with you on always having liked brussels sprouts, even as a kid. I didn’t realize until much later that not everyone was a fan lol. (More for me….) This was a fun twist and I very much enjoyed playing around with the maple syrup combo. Delicious results. Love your photo – makes me want to dive in for more !

  15. My parents both hated Brussels sprouts, so I never tried them until I was on my own. Loved them right away, and my mom eventually changed her mind later in life. This was a good combo. I like your idea for the leftovers too!

  16. I didn’t like them as a kid but really grew to love them later. Steaming is new for me also. Just like you said, this was a different (for me also) way to make sprouts. I made only half a recipe and included it in two meals. The last little bit I just ate “cold” right out of the fridge and without taking it out of the tupperware container. Didn’t even think about doing an egg.

  17. I’m with you – this is one vegetable I’ve always been fond of. Still can’t get past beets though…
    These look lovely!

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