Tuesdays with Dorie DC: Cocktail Puffs

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cocktail puffs

In addition to my daily afternoon tea time, I have daily pre-dinner apéro time. That sounds fancier than it is– last night we had popcorn– but the point is that I’m on the look out for some good savory snacks. Cocktail Puffs are in the “cocktail cookies” section of the book and, filled with anything from olive tapenade (my choice) to pesto to cheese, they sounded promising with a half-glass of wine.

The full recipe makes 50 puffs. Even if NYC is quarantined through summer, I don’t know if I can deal with that many! I need some snack variety, so I made just a quarter recipe. The dough is a snap to do in the food processor, and a combo of cold yogurt and butter, plus one fold of the dough, makes it flaky. It’s also soft and requires a lengthy chill time. I know my focus is not the sharpest these days, but I had to read the instructions like 5 times to figure out how the heck to form the puffs. There was a lengthy description of measurements and the cutting of strips, and, as a visual learner, I wished for an illustration. But I think I got it in the end and I was totes ready for a cocktail after that.

When I pulled my puffs out of the oven, I dusted them with a little paprika. I liked them…they were flaky and savory…but I would have liked them a little bigger. They were thimble sized, and I wish they had been double that to get more puff and filling. Also, I couldn’t help but think that they’d work just as well with bought puff pastry. On the flip side, it probably means this dough would be good used in other ways, too, so maybe I’ll give that some thought.

For the recipe, see Dorie’s Cookies by Dorie Greenspan. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the TWD Blogroll and please join us anytime!


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  1. Yours look good! (Better than the ones in the book!). I struggled with these and mine didn’t have hardly any filling and were also tiny. At least you got some filling in there! Those instructions were confusing!

  2. They look perfect. We also go for the afternoon nibble. I am a little intimated with the dough on this one. Maybe I will buy store bought puff pastry.

  3. I had wondered what these were like. Yours look great! I agree that Dorie’s cookie batches are huge, even if the cookies are thimble sized.

    • right?? instead of a quarter batch of tiny cookies, i should have made a half batch of larger cookies!

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