Tuesdays with Dorie BCM: Petite Apple Croustades

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petite apple croustades

Wow– I am just going to brag and say that my Petite Apple Croustades came out so beautifully! I was totally not expecting that. Working with phyllo dough (the “crust” for these) always makes me a bit crazed because I refuse to cover it or handle it gently. I go fast and messy…so I usually expect the results to look messy, too. Instead of raggedy wads, I opened the oven to find perfectly bronzed and frilly apple-phyllo bundles looking out at me. Why, hello there!

Each croustade is made from six strips of buttered and sugared phyllo arranged in a muffin tin. I can see the assembly work being a bit tedious, but I only made two of them, so it wasn’t a big deal. And the mess I made was fairly small, haha. Add in a filling of caramelized cooked apples (I soaked raisins in Grand Marnier and put them in, too), twist up the overlapping phyllo strips around it and you’re good to bake. I had a little filling left over that, along with some caramel ice cream, I spooned on the side. A perfect fall dessert.

For the recipe, see Baking Chez Moi by Dorie Greenspan. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the TWD Blogroll!

Tuesdays with Dorie BCM: Fall-Market Galette

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fall-market galette

I do normally try to make a couple of fruit pies every summer, but this year I just didn’t. Ah well…some of the best fruits for baking are found here in September anyway, so I think this Fall-Market Galette makes up for my earlier laziness. Dorie calls this a “purple galette” as it’s filled with all the beautiful purple tinged fruits of fall– plums, grapes and figs. I went to my neighborhood’s Saturday greenmarket for my fruit and found the plums and grapes but I’ve never seen figs there. I swapped them out for blackberries and a (non-purple, I know) peach. I used the walnuts as well.

I love the ease of a galette and I don’t mind one bit when the juice from my mountain of fruit runs in rivulets along the pleats. This was delicious with vanilla ice cream.

For the recipe, see Baking Chez Moi by Dorie Greenspan. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the TWD Blogroll!

Everyday Dorie: Mushroom-Bacon Galette

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mushroom-bacon galette

It’s fun to do a little savory baking now and again. And it’s rewarding, too…as a result of my baking efforts today, I’ll be spending my Friday night with a glass of rosé and a nice slice of Mushroom-Bacon Galette. That’s my idea of a good time.

People always say that galette is pie for beginners. I guess that’s true because it’s so easy to make and it’s supposed to look rustically imperfect, but it’s every bit as good as pie. Maybe this will be my “summer of the galette”…sweet and savory all season! You can use store-bought pie dough, but Dorie’s galette dough recipe is quickly made in the food processor, and it’s pretty foolproof. For the filling, bacon is crisped, walnuts are chopped and mushrooms are cooked down with some aromatics. This thing smells amazing in the oven! Out of the oven, it’s salty and earthy– umami in a pastry crust. It will be a perfect summer dinner with a salad and a glass of chilled vino.

For the recipe, see Everyday Dorie by Dorie Greenspan (it’s also here), and head over to Cook the Book Fridays to see how the group liked this one.

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